Why our product, what makes it unique.

A little bit of This and a whole lotta That:

We are crazy pet parents creating the best treats and chews for your beloved pets in the heart of Ontario, Canada.

At THIS & THAT CANINE CO.® we are a proudly Canadian Company that carries a complete suite of delicious, high value, quality, human grade treats and chews that are the perfect complement to any diet.

Through innovation and a lot of feedback, we continue to lead the pack with our exciting new products. We always have something up our sleeve!

Leading the Pack in Quality:

Whether it’s a treat or a chew, only the best will do. We want you to feel great about what you’re giving to your pet.

We proudly monitor every inch of the journey. That starts with carefully chosen fresh, sustainable, nutritious and of course, delicious ingredients from Canada. We responsibly source ingredients from Canada, Nepal and Iceland. Through our highest quality control protocols, we ensure that every treat and chew is produced with even highest standards.

THIS & THAT CANINE CO.® may have started as a company to find a way to keep a tough dog busy, but has now become so much more.

The “Leading the Pack!” approach guides us to providing the best treats and chews possible. We produce chews that are longer lasting and treats without fillers. Offering everything from Petunias favorite antlers to the many varieties of the Snack Station treats, there is a bit of This & That for all dogs.

Guiding Principles

Quality: We wouldn’t feed it to your pet if we weren’t willing to serve it to our family.  We only use the highest quality human-grade ingredients.

Customer-First Service: We support our valued clients with every available means to foster a confidence and comfort with our products and culture that will forge a flourishing relationship for years to come.

Innovation: We continuously strive to respond to the evolving consumer culture by developing through research and development. From these, we will always offer products and services that exceed and lead consumers demand.

Purpose: We find a need and fill it! Providing focused products and services that identify and directly address specific needs in the pet marketplace.

We Guarantee Our Products Are

  • Clean: Our all natural chews and dehydrated treats are 100% free of any chemicals, additives, and hard to digest by-products.
  • Nutritionally Appropriate: As nature intended! Our natural chews and treats feature proteins that offer a high-density yield of vitamins and minerals that are optimally absorbed into your pets system.
  • High Quality, Human-Grade Proteins: All of the proteins and chews go through rigorous inspection before being processed at federally certified and inspected facilities.
  • Not Just For Your Dog: Why should Petunia have all the fun – what about Felix the cat? Our delicious and nutritious dehydrated treats are compatible with any diet; and are a cost effective way to ensure your pets are getting the healthy proteins their bodies need.