• Because it’s nature’s toughest chew! Antlers are all natural, completely digestible, produce no scent, no mush, and no carpet stains! They are great for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs.
  • Our antler is Canadian sourced.
  • Our antler is 100% naturally shed and humanely sourced.
  • We do not use Craft Grade Antler, only A Grade. We were the first to bring antler to market in Canada which has given us first right of refusal for all Grade A antler, assuring us top choice!
  • All antler is individually, hand cleaned using only water, we never use cleaning products or chemicals.
  • The exterior is lightly sanded to remove any unwanted particulate or sharp edges.
  • Each antler is carefully inspected at our facility to ensure quality.
  • Do NOT soak in broth! It has too much onion and sodium which are not good for dogs.
  • Soaking also reduces the strength of the antler and can lead to mold and bacteria buildup inside.
  • To renew or encourage interest in an antler, use a dog toothpaste or a natural nut butter. *Make sure the nut butter doesn’t have xylitol which is an artificial sweetener that is highly toxic to dogs.
  • You can also rub it against a patio stone to release flavour.
  • Split antlers are good for dogs that are new to antler as they can access the marrow (the tasty part) faster. However they last only ⅓ the time of a full antler.
  • It is often wise to wait until puppies have grown their adult teeth before providing an antler. Try our Fish Sticks or Sweet Potato while you wait for the adult teeth to grow.
  • Not recommended for anxiety chewers as they can over chew as a form of therapy. Try an Everest Chew, a Fish Stick or stuff a toy with our Sweet Potato instead!
  • Not recommended for dogs who have existing dental issues such as decay.
  • Like all chews, it should be given under supervision.
  • Refer to the Weight Guide on the package.
  • For heavy chewers, look to the size of the jaw then go one size bigger!


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